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The Variety of Tiger Lilies

In the kingdom of Tiger Lily you will never find two similar patterns. But all of them are equally beautiful.

You will never find two similar works in our portfolio either.

Company: Petronick Ltd.
Website: www.petronick.com.ua
E-mail: marketing@petronick.com.ua
Phone: +38 (05549) 7-48-44
Contact: Tatyana Kovtun
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Letter of appreciation

We would like to commend web-design studio "Tiger Design" for their highly skilled approach to the development process when creating our company new website.

We were very satisfied with their attentive attitude to the task, high degree of professionalism, variety of creative suggestions for our new website. Tiger Design showed high efficiency when solving technical issues, providing careful selection and elaboration of graphic objects for the project. Besides we would like to mention that in cases when changes were necessary they were made fast.

Based on our successful experience with Tiger Design studio, we highly recommend cooperation with them.


Petronick Ltd. Director

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A. Arkusha

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