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Website Creation Services

The Tiger Shark Perfection

It took the shark 400 million years to become a perfect killer. When she is hungry, there is no way of salvation for her victim.

We are a little younger. But we already have enough of gained experience to do all the tasks quickly and neatly.

Our company offers a full range of website creating services. It includes:

Website Concept Elaboration

formulating future website's aims and goals, identifying target audience and detailed working out of the website structure

Web Design

producing general website visual appearance

Website Engineering

creating graphic elements, html coding, programming, registering an appropriate domain name, web hosting, etc.

Website Promotion

advertising on the Internet, registering in open directories, SEO (search engine optimization), promoting your website to the audience. Our official partner in the field of website promotion — Ukrainian company «UaMaster».


correcting possible flaws, working on website evolution, expanding its functionality, etc.

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