Website Promotion

The Tiger Shark Perfection

It took the shark 400 million years to become a perfect killer. When she is hungry, there is no way of salvation for her victim.

We are a little younger. But we already have enough of gained experience to do all the tasks quickly and neatly.

It is not enough to make a good website. It requires advertisement like any other kind of product. Internet advertising — a diffcult thing, but roughly we can divide it into two components.

Indexation and SEO. The higher search engines (like Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others) «appreciate» your website's pages the more potential customers will find you, using search. We can not guarantee your website hitting, say, TOP10 results. But we always pay much time optimizing website content for search engines in order to achive the best results.

Advertising. Website advertising consists of banner networks, links exchange, registering your site in open thematic directories, advertising in print products, as well as many other sources. In the field of web development they call it «website promotion» and it is a totally separate complex business itself. Our official partner in the field of website promotion — Ukrainian company «UaMaster».

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