Website Engineering

The Tiger Shark Perfection

It took the shark 400 million years to become a perfect killer. When she is hungry, there is no way of salvation for her victim.

We are a little younger. But we already have enough of gained experience to do all the tasks quickly and neatly.

Once the concept, structure and design of the website are created and approved it is the matter of technique to bring it all together.

Website engineering includes

  • creating graphic elements
  • html-coding of the design layout
  • web programming
  • filling the site with the content
  • registering a domain name
  • connecting your website to the internet (web hosting).

We pay religious attention to every single detail on your website. All graphical elements will be adjusted to each other with a pixel acuracy, the software will be thoroughly tested, the text content will be carefully read — errata can not be tolerated in our studio.

Many years' experience of our personnel allows us to spend the minimum of time for this phase (usually no more than a week) and do the job with the highest level of quality.

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