Design Your Site

The Tiger Shark Perfection

It took the shark 400 million years to become a perfect killer. When she is hungry, there is no way of salvation for her victim.

We are a little younger. But we already have enough of gained experience to do all the tasks quickly and neatly.

Your site is an exterior, a visiting card of your company. Its design must be «delicious», original, unforgettable. It is not worth to save on it.

Giving birth to the website design takes the lion's share from the total time required to create the site. Sometimes brilliant idea comes to the designer's mind in a day or two. And sometimes it is born in pain and lengthy debates after discarding lots of inappropriate variants. But in any case we will never stop until the design suits both you and us.

At the same time when working on the design we always keep in our minds website usability.

The combination of original design, high download speed of the pages and sharply thought-out user-friendly navigation has been and always will be the hallmark of the Tiger Design studio.

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